Metro doesn’t just want to provide you the best service at the best price, but we also want to put the best, most usable equipment in your hands. We have been renting trucks for over 30 years and take care every time we purchase a vehicle to make sure every component isn’t just “industry standard,” but is tough enough to handle our customers’ most demanding needs. We don’t play games with labels and rates to make things seem bigger or better than they are. We do our best to tell you exactly what you’re going to get every time so you can make the best decisions on the front end and won’t find any surprises when your rental is complete.

Reservations are Reservations

It’s a shame that we have to mention this, but if you talk to our competitors, ask if your reservation is guaranteed. Every day, and especially on the weekends, we have customers walk through the door saying, “I had a reservation at the other place, and they just didn’t have my truck.” This is bad for the whole industry, but competitors get away with it because many people don’t know where else to call. Metro absolutely guarantees we’ll have your truck, van or car when and where you reserve it, no excuses.

Rates & Times – Consistently Better

When you rent a truck, van or car from Metro, you will get your vehicle for 24 hours from the minute you pick it up. And you’ll get the same low rates every day of the week, every week of the year. Our competitors like to move the rates around on the weekends and summers, when people are most likely to move. They know they can get it, so they do. Then, as if the additional cost weren’t enough, they’ll cut the rental time from 24 hours to 8 hours if you’re not careful. Our rates, every day, every season, are competitive with the lowest rates in the industry. By being a local business, we can keep the bureaucracy and costs to a minimum, which means we don’t have to gouge our customers to run our business. In fact, we believe that by treating you right the first time and every time, we’ll earn your business every time you need a truck in the Birmingham area.